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this world will not be a better place if john mccain is voted president. i whole-heartedly believe that the self-proclaimed "maverick" is the most dangerous man in this country. he takes all of the horrible attributes of our current administration and multiplies them ten-fold because he's smart enough to understand the world around him (unlike our current leader). i am going to actively support obama, not because he's a democrat, but because i refuse to let faith run my country. i refuse to let someone stand up and say that we should help each other and help the oppressed and that every human has certain inalienable rights whilst still believing that being gay means that you should not be legally married in this country. if i want to get married someday i don't see that it is anyone's business but mine and my partner's.

i am a democrat.

i support obama.

i will vote.

i have a voice.

i vote obama.
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Movie Etiquette 101

1. If you come in late you sit in the front. Show up on time if you want a good seat.

2. If the theater has less than 20 people in it when you come in to find seats you do not sit directly behind, in front of or next to any other person in the theater.

3. Whispering during movies is acceptable...talking loudly to your friends is not.

4. Not only should cell phones be turned off but leave them in your purse, pocket, jacket...the light distracts the people around and the incessant click-click of you texting is beyond annoying.

5. You do not need those last few pieces of popcorn that you're rustling around in the bottom of the bag. When you're done put the bag and the floor and leave it alone for the duration of the film.

If any of these concepts is too difficult for you to understand you should not leave your home to go to the theater. We all pay the same price to sit in those seats, have a little courtesy for the people around you.

Thank you. And goodnight.
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how do i say what i feel i need to say?

do i even need to say the words or do you already know the truth?

will this change the way i live my life?

this sucks.

and not in the positive, life-affirming way.